OWC Agency

A Creative PR/Marketing Solutions division under Out With Cameron providing marketing/pr services from social media marketing, content creation, event management, to pr/marketing campaigns


Photography Session

Lifestyle, Fashion, Personal Branding, Travel, Influencers, Hospitality properties, Destinations, Bloggers, and beyond. 

My photos have been featured by various fashion and travel accounts, including Zac Posen, London Tourism Board, LA Tourism Board, and Neiman Marcus. 

Influencer Marketing

I work with brands and influencers on outreach, negotiation, partnerships, and creative direction for branded content.  

I'm considered a "unicorn" in this space. I have experience on the brand side to being on the talent side, to being behind the camera. I also manage micro-influencers on securing collaborations and building their personal brands. 


PR/Marketing Consulting

10 years of PR/Marketing experience in entertainment, luxury, and hospitality with established contacts in all spaces. 

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