My Top 10 Practical Gifts for a Traveler

1. Jord Watch

Why: When I travel, I plan my trip out on an excel spreadsheet with specific times for everything, so it’s crucial for me to have something to keep me on track for all my activities. Checking the time on your phone drains the battery, so I try to avoid that whenever I can, especially when you’re exploring in nature with no electrical outlets. Jord watches are understated and stylish. The watches are made of natural woods sourced from all over the world (which they list on their website). You don’t want to be wearing something flashy or more than a house payment when you’re traveling, so this is the perfect medium. They also offer customize engraving, which makes it a perfect gift for someone special. Hint hint: Valentine’s Day is coming up.

I like the company’s message overall. They focus on sustainability and creating timepieces that are modeled after modern lifestyle. They look and feel modern… Definitely a must for stylish travel.

I’ve partnered up with them to do a giveaway. If you’re interested in the watch, you can click on this link.

The contest will close January 15th at 11:59pm. 

The one I’m wearing is Dove Series in Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood-

2. Camera

Why: Because your trip did not happen unless you have photos to show! I shoot on my Fuji X-PRO 2, which shoots clean cinematic photos that you see on my Instagram and website.  

3. Tom Ford Lip Balm

Why: Dry chapped lips are never attractive. I have dry lips to begin with and they get severely dry after a long flight that it literally take days for them to get back to looking normal. I used to love Burts Bees, but they just don’t do it for me during winter. Tom Ford’s lip balm is moisturizing and provides a hydrating layer on your lips that protects it from the cold. This saved me many times in New York during winter!

4. Anker Portable Charger

Why: It’s small, portable, and a MUST if you’re traveling. The website says it gives you 6 full charges or something like that, but realistically, it’s like 2.5 full charges.

5. Givenchy Cardholder

Why: When you’re traveling, you don’t always need to carry your entire wallet. When I go out to the bars/clubs at night, I use my card holder to bring my ID, one credit card, and some cash. It’s slim and perfect for a night out. When traveling internationally, it is very important not to have your wallet bulging on the back of your pocket so you don't get pickpocketed. The one I have is from Givenchy. This was my favorite print they've ever done. I also have the matching wallet!

6. Personalized Passport Book from Mark and Graham

 Why: For whatever reason, you will be less likely to misplace or lose your passport when it’s in a passport holder. I lost mine in Greece once, so I learned it the hard way. Mine is monogrammed with my initials from Mark and Graham. My friend got it for me for Christmas, I’m in love with it.

7. Luggage Tag from Mark and Graham

Why: To save you time to spot your luggage on the carousel. Add a personal touch with your initials.

8. Tom Ford Sunglasses

Why: You will always need a pair of sunglasses regardless where you travel to. I prefer a darker shade for the winter and fun colorful ones for tropical destinations. The one in the photo is a pair of Tom Ford aviators. I have two aviators from Tom Ford, they are timeless and classic. 

9. Amore Pacific Facial Spray

Why: Your face will thank you for having this. During the winter, the cold air dries out your skin, it is very helpful to have a facial mist handy. It is also a must when you’re going on a long flight. I usually have the La Mer facial mist, I am currently using the Amore Pacific mist, but I think I will go back to La Mer once this bottle is done. These are definitely a must when you're going to be in the sun for an extended period of time. 


Why: Because you don’t want to starve to death when you’re on the road. I like these RXBARS, because they are made of simple clean ingredients. I have a sensitive stomach, and these have never bothered my stomach. I bring a few of these whenever I’m out doing a shoot as well.


This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches