About Cameron

What's your background?

My background is in luxury, fashion, entertainment marketing/PR, particularly in strategic partnerships between brands, products, and destinations. I started my career at E! Networks, building partnerships across a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies before moving on to major luxury brands and destinations.

What sets me apart from other bloggers, influencers, or whatever you want to call them is my background in PR and Marketing. When I collaborate with a partner, I plan it from a PR/Marketing perspective, then I execute through an artistic lens. I also consult for different brands and influencers on brand partnerships. Anyone with a camera can run around and take nice photos, but not everyone can run a full PR/marketing campaign.  

How did “Out with Cameron” come about?

It all started with my Instagram. I started posting photos of my travels and adventures and it resonated with a lot of people, whether they are just photos of places they’ve been to or places they plan on going to. Instagram is a great platform to connect with people from all over the world and a great tool to collaborate with hotels, brands, and destinations to showcase the best they have to offer.

What’s your approach to photography?

I love having a cinematic feel to my photos. When I photograph something, I picture what would look best in a frame and then I go from there. I try to find the romance in things and I think that comes across in a lot of my photos. I am still learning as I go. :) 

What is your favorite travel destination?

London will always have my heart for many reasons, and it is always a great starting point to go to other places. Both of my parents were in the airline industry, so I got to travel a lot growing up. It really depends on what type of experience you’re looking for.

What’s one advice you would give about traveling?

Plan a trip out of the country by yourself. Stop waiting to go on a trip with someone. If there's a place you're dying to go, do it.  You will discover so much more when you travel alone to a foreign country. I’ve made so many great friends traveling by myself and my solo trips have been some of the most memorable trips I’ve taken.  

My photos have been featured by

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